How do my healing sessions work?


I have been professionally working with clients as a healer for the last seven years. I am a Reiki Master, Theta Healing Practioner and have completed training in Experiential Focusing Therapy, Magnified Healing, Crystal Viewing, Crystal Grids, Numerology, Tarot, Chakradance and more.

Rather than treat clients by specific modalities my healing style has now evolved into something quite unique. I work from the heart. I connect and listen to yours. It is fluid, flowing, organic and dynamic.  I prefer to work intuitively; to merge and mix different modalities depending on what I feel will work most effectively for you at that moment, concentrated on your intentions of what you want to transform and create. Therefore each healing session can be quite varied and diverse as I tailor each session uniquely to YOU, based on what soul medicine you need that is going to allow your mind-body-spirit to flow into balance and harmony.

Session Experiences can range from a mixture of;

* A journey of guided focusing and mindful listening so you can be totally present with your body and inner space in a gentle, loving way so that you are able to deeply and profoundly connect with your heart, felt-sense, emotions, intuition and inner compass.
* An active and dynamic process of re-wiring your mind as we talk and I assist you to dig through, shift & transform old limiting beliefs, perceptions and thought paradigms.
* An experience of absolute relaxation and surrender as you lay on the massage table and I channel healing energy into every cell of your being. All you need to “do” is “be” still and quiet and allow the healing consciousness do all the work without you needing to worry, analyze or actively do a thing.
* An intuitive mentoring session where we clarify your goals and desires and we create a holistic structure for you to embody and ground your soul vision into your everyday life.

Would you like to feel?


Whole and Complete
Empowered and Free
Loved, Nurtured, Accepted and Connected
Grounded and Balanced
Abundant, Successful and Fulfilled
Creative, Clear and Productive
Maintain a calm and peaceful mind
Connect with your inner compass and heart’s truth?
Have loving acceptance of your body, feelings and thoughts
Know how to work through fear and resistance
Have a deep trust for self, others and the universe


Sara Grass

 I would love to help you become more aware and connect deeply to your innate wisdom and knowing. To assist you to recognize that there is actually nothing you need to remove or fix within you. There is nothing “wrong” with you. There is just more of you to love, become conscious of and be present with. Some of your greatest gold may be hidden, disowned, lost or repressed. Let’s bring these aspects and qualities into the light and your conscious awareness so you are free and completely empowered to experience and relish your life.

The flow on effect of this profound inner work is that ALL of parts of you come together in an alchemical manner. Using every aspect of your being in the highest and best way;

Intellect & Intuition come together into alignment,
Creative inspiration & logic brilliance fuse in harmony,
Mind & Heart unite,
Masculine & Feminine Energies Dance Together,
Physical and spiritual are both honoured & appreciated with respect
All parts of you connect so rather than feeling like
something is constantly missing in your life,
You become whole again.


Who do I work with?


I work with a variety of different people of all ages and from all walks of life. I specifically tend to attract clients that;

* Are going through a period of transition. Transitions such as changing careers and jobs, Becoming a Mum, Moving countries/interstate. Healing after a break-up, letting go of an old identity, or dealing with loss and grief.

* Feel stuck, lost and disconnected from their true self and are feeling the call for life to have more meaning and depth. They may feel numb, depressed and disconnected from life – stand on sidelines but are ready to start LIVING and FEELING again.

* Are very logical and analytical, yet feel like something is missing in their lives. They are ready and curious about embracing and exploring their more creative and intuitive self.

* Very spiritual and intuitive people, who perhaps struggle to be grounded in the physical and feel safe within their bodies and have difficulty managing earthly responsibilities.

* Empaths and highly sensitive souls. That may or may not be aware of their gift of being highly sensitive and need assistance with learning how to use it and create a stronger sense of self and better boundaries so they don’t have to be so affected, influenced and overwhelmed by the energy of others.

* Stressed out monkey-mind’s who can’t switch off and worry-warts who suffer from anxiety and carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

* Perfectionists, high achievers and control freaks whom tend to be very hard on them selves and struggle with insecurity and lack of self worth.

* Other healers, therapists, creatives and entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to make a difference to the world. They may need some support and guidance in becoming comfortable with being seen, sharing their gifts and receiving recognition and abundance.

Awakening, Empowerment & Transformation

I love working with ‘newbies’ who are just awakening to the energy world and are curious about exploring themselves and the universe on a deeper level. I also help assist those that have been on a spiritual & self-development journey for a long time. Those people who know their stories back to front, upside down and inside out and are over “digging” through it. They have a book shelf full of self-help books, have done all the courses, have done plenty healing work, yet there is some areas of their lives that haven’t shifted in the way they would have liked or anticipated. Often they understand from a mental level of WHY they are the way they are; yet are still holding onto “something” that is stopping them from moving forward.

I adore helping people to discover their own innate power, connect to their inner compass and trust their heart’s truth.

 Are you nodding to any of the above? Have you resonated?

Then I would love to work with you.

x Sara

Sara Grass 2