Hi, I’m Sara Brooke. In this age of hyper-connection and over-stimulation, I’ve noticed something. Most of us are plugged into everything possible but the one power source that serves our deepest nature. Is it little wonder we feel so disconnected from our true nature, when we are cut off from the cycles and rhythms of the natural world? Through The Space in Between I provide you with the tools, techniques and teachings that help you tap into your truth and trust your inner compass to guide your choices.

As a Reiki Master, Meditation teacher and Chakradance facilitator my mission and life purpose is to unhook you from achievement addiction, unconscious acquisition and external validation. Whether you’ve lost touch with who you are, why you’re here or how to feel, you are not alone and you are more than enough. You’ve simply never learned to work consciously with the creative, intelligent energy of the Universe. I can teach you how.

If you’re seeking deeper meaning and truth in your life – if you’d love to open and trust your heart, please know that those desires don’t just serve you, they serve the entire planet. Healing the world starts with healing ourselves. And that’s ultimately what my work is about.

The Space in Between invites you to access your inner compass so you can expand your innate power. And yes, that power is literally in your hands. The only question is: will you claim your power and learn how to use it?

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I provide a selection of transformative and empowering healing sessions, professionally mixed and mastered meditations, classes and workshops to assist you in bringing your mind, body and spirit into alignment and harmony.

I work with people locally in Melbourne, Australia and also worldwide via Skype.

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